Hardness Testers

Weoffera versatile portablemetal hardness testerextended capabilities and unmatched ease of operation.We offer an assortment of premium quality of Hardness Tester, one of the acclaimed testers in the market. It is made of quality material to improve its functionality. We are engaged in offering a comprehensive range of Portable Hardness Tester. These testers are used for product testing of crankshafts, cylinder blocks, industrial knives, liner and assemblies. Moreover, these can also be used for testing the hardness of both inside and outside of surface of pipes, bushing, rubber & ball bearing rings.

Circular Rubber Hardness Tester

The principle used to measure hardness is based on measuring the resistance force of the penetration of a pin into the test material under a known spring load. The amount of penetration is converted to hardness reading on a scale with 100 units.

  • Whenever possible, a Durometer measurement should be taken at least 12 mm (approx. 0.500″) in from the edge of a sample, as the hardness characteristic of any sample tends to change at the edges.
  • Whenever possible, the thickness of a sample should exceed 6 mm (approx. 0.250″). If the sample is thinner then this, then the sample can be backed with a sample of the same material to increase the thickness.
  • Test Coupons or test blocks (rubber or plastic) should not be used for calibration verification. As all samples are subject to characteristic changes over time along with temperature and lighting conditions, the rated Shore value when supplied as new can and will vary with age. Proper calibration verification requires independent confirmation of the internal spring forces along with the verification of the pin displacement vs. the indicated value on the scale.
  • As per the ASTM D2240 Standard, readings below 10 and above 90 are not to be considered reliable and should be discarded. Therefore, it is important to select the approapriate Scale that will provide results between 10-90 units.

Circular Rubber Hardness Tester (with pointer)

WE supply a wide variety of durometers for polymers, composites and like materials to measure hardness of natural and synthetic rubber products, acrylics, acetates, polymers, thermoplastics, PVC, hardboards, wood, fruits and many other non standard materials. Round type analog Durometers have a dial graduated from 0 to 100 spread across 360 degrees thereby making it easily readable and accurate in measured values. The circular Durometers are provided with a maximum indicating hand for determination of creep properties of materials under test. The circular Durometer SHORE A is supplied with a unique 3-in-1 test gauge to check the accuracy of Durometers at 25,50 and 75 hardness nos.



Rubber Hardness Tester

We are instrumental in offering our clients a comprehensive collection of Rubber Hardness Testers that are widely appreciated by the clients due to their durability, reliability, easy operations and accuracy in results. Our team of quality controllers checks and tests the entire range on several parameters to ensure that only quality products are delivered at clients. Furthermore, we pack our entire range on several parameters to keep it safe and secure during transit.


Technical specifications

Durometer (Rubber Hardness Tester)


Shore D Hardness Tester

Owing to the wide experience in this domain, we are instrumental in offering Shore D Hardness Tester to our clients.



Durometer Asker C

Accuracy: 1 Div
Application: Soft Rubber, Urethane Foam, Sponge, Rolled-Threads,  Film Rolls and Pottery Clay, footwear

Digital Rubber Hardness Tester Shore A


Standard Test Bar:


Package Hardness Tester

Package / beam hardness tester finds its application in determining the hardness for yarn bobbins and warp beams. The spring loaded outer ring assures a constant measuring pressure and eliminates false readings due to difference between operators. It finds its application for loosely wound bobbins of synthetic fibers and closely wound natural fibers, yarns and threads.



Poldi Type Metal Hardness Tester


Standard Test Bar:


Metal Hardness Tester


Monsanto Type Tablet Hardness Tester

PRESTIGE’s handy Hardness Tester is designed to use in QC/ QA/ R & D / Tableting / Production, In-process etc. for taking quick reading of hardness of tablets. It measures Hardness in Kg. per. Sq. cm. It is made of brass parts heavily chromium plated and has with each division. Marked for 1 kg. readability 0.5 kg. sq. cm

Operating Instructions:

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