Hardness Testers

Hardness Testers

We offer a versatile portable metal hardness tester extended capabilities and unmatched ease of operation. We offer an assortment of premium quality of Hardness Tester, one of the acclaimed testers in the market. It is made of quality material to improve its functionality. We are engaged in offering a comprehensive range of Portable Hardness Tester. These testers are used for product testing of crankshafts, cylinder blocks, industrial knives, liner and assemblies. Moreover, these can also be used for testing the hardness of both inside and outside of surface of pipes, bushing, rubber & ball bearing rings.


Product Details:

Rubber Hardness 100 Shore A
Range 0-100 shore A for soft rubber and shore D for hard plastic and ebonite
Max Stroke Triangle Shape
Weight 210g
Display Type Analog
Condition New

We are instrumental in offering our clients a comprehensive collection of Rubber Hardness Testers that are widely appreciated by the clients due to their durability, reliability, easy operations and accuracy in results. Our team of quality controllers checks and tests the entire range on several parameters to ensure that only quality products are delivered at clients. Furthermore, we pack our entire range on several parameters to keep it safe and secure during transit.

Technical specifications

  • Makes available are BSE & STI
  • Hiroshima, Kori & Westop
  • Also available in digital type





  • Impact size, easy operation.
  • Wide measuring range in HLD, direct display of converted hardness values in HB, HRB, HRC,HRA, HV, HS
  • High applicability, can be used for hardness testing of most metals.
  • Test at any angle even upside down.
  • Optional printer TA230 available
  • Easy measurements on large & heavy workpieces
  • Measuring for confined spaces of large workpieces
  • TH130: integrated with D impact device for normal hardness testing
  • TH132: integrated with C impact device for hardness testing on thin, light and face-hardened workpieces
  • TH134: integrated with DL impact device for hardness testing of deep grooves and tooth surface





  • Portable size and easy operation
  • Suitable for any metallic and non-metallic materials ultrasonic can go through
  • Self-compensating of nonlinearity function is supplied for correction of pickup nonlineasity
  • 10 measuring values can be recorded for TT100, TT110, TT130;100 measuring values can be recorded for
  • TT140
    optional 2.5MHz, 5MHz and 7MHz transducers are available
  • Clear 4-Digit LCD display with backlight
  • 5 pre-set sound velocities for repeating applications
    mm / inch selectable
  • TT100,TT130 and TT140 are suitable for thickness testing of various materials with sound speed range 1000-9999m/s

  • TT110 and TT120 are easy-operation models with only two keys suitable for thickness testing of steel
  • TT120: high-temperature model
  • TT140:with backlight display and the memory reach up to 99


Product Details:

Weight 185 g
Measuring Object Ordinary Rubber
Accuracy +/-1 Degree
Range 0 to 100 degree (1 degree for 1 graduation)
Condition New




  • This is a spring type durometer which can measure the hardness of rubber and plastic products such as tire, sponge and felt at a high accuracy. This equipment is conforming to JIS (Japan International Standards) and Internationa Standards and makes it possible to make measurement easily in a short time.
  • This durometer distorts the surface of specimen by pressing an indentor against the specimen surface by the spring force, and measures the hardness based on the “depressed amount of indentor” when the balance is kept between the resilient force of specimen and spring force.




Product Details:
Material Metal
Needle Stroke 2.5 mm
Shape Circular
Color Silver

WE supply a wide variety of durometers for polymers, composites and like materials to measure hardness of natural and synthetic rubber products, acrylics, acetates, polymers, thermoplastics, PVC, hardboards, wood, fruits and many other non standard materials. Round type analog Durometers have a dial graduated from 0 to 100 spread across 360 degrees thereby making it easily readable and accurate in measured values. The circular Durometers are provided with a maximum indicating hand for determination of creep properties of materials under test. The circular Durometer SHORE A is supplied with a unique 3-in-1 test gauge to check the accuracy of Durometers at 25,50 and 75 hardness nos.






  • Digital durometer for Shore D hardness testing
  •  Pocket size model with integrated probe
  •  Standards: DIN 53505, ASTM D 2240, ISO 7619, JIS K7215
  •  RS232 data output
  •  Operating stand optional
  •  Bright & clear LCD display
  •  300 hours continuous use with standard batteries
  •  Automatic switch off
  • Battery low indication and alarm



Technical Specifications:

Test scale available Shore D
Standards DIN53505, ASTMD2240, ISO 7619,
JIS K7215
Display Hardness result, Average value,
Max. value (Peak value lock), Battery indication
Data output RS232
Measuring range 0-100HD
Measurement deviation Within 20~90 HD, error≤±1HD
Display resolution 0.2 unit
Operating temperature 0~40
Power requirements 3×1.55V (SR44) Button batteries or
4.5V AC/DC adapter
Battery life 300 Hours
Dimensions 173mm× 56mm×42mm





Package Hardness Testers

Product Details:

Display Range 0 – 100 Hardness Graduation Marks
Working Face Radius 55 mm Adjustable Min. /Max.
Needle Stroke 2.5/5/10 mm
Condition New
Automation Grade Manual

Package / beam hardness tester finds its application in determining the hardness for yarn bobbins and warp beams. The spring loaded outer ring assures a constant measuring pressure and eliminates false readings due to difference between operators. It finds its application for loosely wound bobbins of synthetic fibers and closely wound natural fibers, yarns and threads.


  • Indicator marks to highlight working range of the textile durometer
  • Ball shaped indenter to prevent the damage to bobbins working face slightly curved to fit on small bobbins
  • Available with 2.5 / 5 / 10 mm ball indentor



Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Measuring Range 10 mm
Scale Graduation 0.1 mm
Magnification 10x
Accuracy of Measurement 0.05 mm


The hammer type Poldi Hardness Tester is suitable for measuring the Brinell Hardness of Steel, Cast iron, Brass Aluminum, Copper etc. This Poldi Hardness Tester is useful to test parts where bench type model is not useful. This type of machine is most ideal and simple for foundries, Workshops, Engineering Colleges, Technical Institutions etc.

Load is applied by a hammer blow on the specimen and a standard test bar in linear direction through a hardened steel ball of 10 mm dia. The impact load on both is the same. The extent of indentation on the specimen and the test bar depends on their hardness. The two diameters of indentations on test bar and specimen are measured by a magnifier supplied along with the tester. The hardness of the specimen can be determined, by referring got the chart supplied with the machine.

Standard Test Bar:
Each bar individually calibrated and Multiplying Factor marked thereon.




PRESTIGE’s handy Hardness Tester is designed to use in QC/ QA/ R & D / Tableting / Production, In-process etc. for taking quick reading of hardness of tablets. It measures Hardness in Kg. per. Sq. cm. It is made of brass parts heavily chromium plated and has a scale of 0-20 kg. Per. sq. cm. with each division. Marked for 1 kg. readability 0.5 kg. sq. cm
Operating Instructions:

  • Hold the Tablet between the jaw and nozzle in edgewise position.
  •  Adjust the scale (by sliding), so that the zero on the scale coincides with the pointer.
  •  Turn the screw knob slowly till the tablet breaks. The pressure indicated on the dial is in Kilogram per sq. cm.
  •  Never keep the spring under Tension, when not in use.
  •  Available in Small nozzle 3 mm – 19 mm & big nozzle 25 mm – 40 mm.



Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Resolution 0.1
Measurement Range 0-100HA
Measurement Deviation Less than 1%H
Operating Temperature 0 Degree C to 40 Degree C
Power Supply Button Battery
Dimension 90x55x25 mm
Weight 150g


  • Digital durometer for shore hardness testing pocket size model with integrated probe
  • Test scale : Shore hardness
  • Standards : DIN53505, ASTMD2240, ISO7619, JISK7215
  • Parameters displayed : Hardness result, average value, max.


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