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Wholesale Trader of a wide range of products which include Analog Mechanical Force Gauge, Imada Mechanical Force Gauge, Imada Standard Model Mechanical Force Gauge PS / PSS Series, Push Pull Meter, Digital Force Gauge and Imada Economical Digital Force Gauge DS2 Series.

Analog Mechanical Force Gauge

Our range of analogue push-pull mechanical force gauges provide a cost-effective means of measuring tension and compression. These easy-to-use force gauges are ergonomically designed for handheld use. Because they are mechanical and require no power supply, analogue force gauges are intrinsically safe and ideal for hazardous and remote environments. For optimum flexibility the dial is graduated in both kgf and newtons with readings accurate to ±2% of full scale. Our analogue force gauges are avaliable in capacities from 10 – 500 newton, and are sold as a kit complete with a set of accessories and hard carrying case. Accessories include a chisel point, compression plate, cone point, extension rod, inverse chisel point and test hook.

Imada Mechanical Force Gauge


Model Table Of Fb / Fs Series Economical Model Mechanical Force Gauge (Push Pull Scale)


30N, 300N, 3K, 30K, 30lb : 120 divisions.
Weight varies according to the capacities even in the same series, so we note the weight of the most representative one.


Imada Standard Model Mechanical Force Gauge PS / PSS Series

Model Table Of Ps / Pss Series Standard Model Mechanical Force Gauge


Specifications For Standard Model Mechanical Force Gauge Ps Series

Push Pull Meter

Push Pull Meter is a force measuring instrument for both push and pull.

Red pointer retains the maximum reading encountered. By rotating it anti-clockwise set it to zero again.

Because of gravity the Meter when held inclined (or upside down) shows reading different then when held vertically. To nullify gravity effect, turn ZERO ADJUST holding the Meter the same way as will be held while measuring.

Spot calibration gives better results. Apply standard force ( the one nearest to the force to be measured), and with the ZERO ADJUST make the instrument read the value of the standard force.

Meter with capacities below 2 kg. may require a light tap to overcome static friction.

To prevent damages to inside parts, hold the pushing/pulling ROD firmly while changing accessories at its ends.

Do not push the PULL END or pull the PUSH END. It has overload capacity of 30%. METER can be clamped on SQUARE BODY.

Warranty of one year (invalid if tampered with).


Digital Force Gauge

Backed by a team of skilled professionals we are offering our clients a wide range of Digital Force Gage. This force gage is used to convert a force into an electrical signal. Furthermore, the force gauge offered by us is tested on several parameters so as to deliver a defect free range. Offered force gage is provided to our customers within a promised time frame at an affordable price


Imada Economical Digital Force Gauge DS2 Series

Specifications For Ds2 Series Digital Force Gauge



Ibf indication is also possible.



Imada Digital Force Gauge ZTA Series

Specifications For Zta Series Standard Model Digital Force Gauge

Ibf indication is also possible.

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