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Application of Digital Earth Tester
  • ‘WACO’ Insulation Tester is a compact portable unit incorporating most modern features used for direct reading of electrical operating machines, Rotating Plant equipment, Stationary apparatus, Insulation Control switching equipment, Distribution networks, Communication cables, Insulators, Transformers, Industrial Installations, Cable, electrical components, wiring and other devices capable of carrying the rated voltages. It is a versatile instruments in locating intermittent shorts defective electrical connections insulation and conductor failure and preventing costly repairs & break down insulation value.


‘WACO’ Digital Earth Resistance Tester is designed to measure the resistance if earth used in power circuit, Telecommunications,Railway Electrification, Domestic and Industrial electrical installations. The tester measures directly the resistance of the earth and also measure the ground resistivity. The study, elegant and compact body makes the instrument portable, easy to use, Hand-held instrument


Waco Digital Earth Resistance Tester

Technical specifications:

Accessories Standard:



Hand Driven Megger / Insulation Tester

Analogue Insulation Tester reading of insulation resistance of electrical rotating machines, power distribution lines, communication cables, insulators , control and switching equipment etc. They are robust instruments, incorporating a built-in-hand driven generator and a solid-state circuit for a stabilized D.C. output.

Note: Any other combination of ranges can also be made to specific requirements.



Technical Specifications:


DIT Series Meco Digital Insulation Tester

Other Details:



Standard Accessories:

Meco Analog Insulation Megger Tester MC

Model Range Test Voltage DC:



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