Spirit Levels

Spirit Levels
Wyler ag located in Winterthur, Switzerland has a tradition of more than 75 years in the field of precision inclination measurement. Thanks to the use of most modern technologies and the consequent and continuous development of new products Wyler has as international reputation as the leading company for high precision inclination measuring equipment and systems. The product range starts from precision spirit levels and goes to complex electronic measuring system including the correspondent data acquisition software.

ALSOOur organization specializes in the field of supplying, exporting and importing of Rsk Japan Layout Tools. Quality is a factor where we make no compromise, thus we employ experts who conduct quality check at different levels of production, right from the raw material till the finished products. In order to attain the maximum satisfaction of the clients, we customize the range as per the requirements of the customers.
FeaturesSturdy construction Efficient functionality Competitive prices.

RSK/FSK Japan Levels Instrument

We supply a Wide Range of RSK precision flat levels.

Available Sizes:

Additional Information:

A55 Horizontal Spirit Level




A58 Precision Frame Spirit Level

The Frame Spirit Level 58 Spirit is suitable for measurements on vertical and horizontal surfaces and shafts Optional magnetic inserts in the vertical measuring base assure an excellent adhesion to vertical shafts and surfaces.


A47 Magnetic Angle Spirit Level

The A47 Magnetic Angle Spirit Level  is suitable for measurements on vertical surfaces and shafts The magnetic inserts assure an excellent adhesion to vertical shafts and surfaces


A64 Universal Angle Spirit Level

The A64 Universal Angle Spirit Level is particularly suitable for measurements on vertical surfaces and shafts The tubular level can, however, also be used for measuring on flat surfaces


Electronic ( Blue Level) Instruments

The new Blue SYSTEM is a continuous further enhancement of the well known and well established measuring-instruments MINI LEVEL NT and LEVELTRONIC NT.

A Blue SYSTEM normally consists of one or two measuring-instruments BlueLEVEL and an indicating unit Blue METER. Depending on the application the Blue METERcan also be connected to a PC with evaluation software allowing the on-line evaluation and presentation of the measured values.

As its predecessor this newest generation of high precision electronic inclination measuring-instruments is specifically suitable for the precision measurement of smallest angles. Applications are therefore in particular the measurement of flatness of surface plates or the measurement of the geometry of machine tools.

The sensor itself, the heart of every precision measuring instrument, has been further developed as well, to allow precise measurements even under critical environmental conditions.BlueSYSTEM is optimized for wireless transmission of the data. Nevertheless the instruments can also be ordered without the radio modules. Those instruments can be updated with radio transmission modules at a later stage.

There are 3 sensitivities available:

The key features of these new series of instruments are:

Additional Information:

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